Sujal Choudhari

Sujal Choudhari
Sujal Choudhari - <DevSparks/> 2024 event - Bangalore, India

About Me

As a skilled and versatile developer, I have leveraged my expertise to create meaningful impact. Through my work, I have:

  • Developed and maintained over open-source projects on GitHub, showcasing my technical proficiency and commitment to the developer community.
  • Published packages on platforms like,, and, making my work accessible and valuable to developers worldwide.
  • Authored development books available on Amazon and Gumroad, sharing my knowledge and insights to empower aspiring programmers.
These accomplishments, achieved within a relatively short timeframe, demonstrate my ability to deliver high-quality work efficiently and effectively. My diverse skillset, combined with a problem-solving mindset, have enabled me to contribute to projects across various domains, from game development to web applications and beyond.

I am eager to leverage my skills and experience to collaborate with like-minded individuals and teams, and to continue expanding my knowledge and capabilities. If you are seeking a passionate and versatile developer, I would be excited to discuss how I can contribute to your goals and help drive your success.




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        All the games were made during my initial years of programming. Few games were a success. But all of them ended up in the graveyard. Learnt a lot from them.


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